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In a world where the very fabric of reality has been torn asunder, the valiant X-Men and the dauntless X-Force, having vanquished formidable foes like the devious Magneto, the sinister Mister Sinister, and the treacherous Stryfe, return to their sanctuary, yearning for a moment of respite. But, hold fast, true believers! For what awaits them is a fate far more grim than any battle they have yet faced. In this shattered realm, they discover a heart-wrenching truth – Professor X, their beloved mentor, has perished, the world lies in desolation, and a merciless tyrant wields his unyielding power over the remnants of humanity. Steel your nerves, noble heroes, for you have entered the harrowing Age of Apocalypse!

Behold, the grand finale of the “mutant trilogy” in the acclaimed Marvel Champions: The Card Game! Emerging as the seventh saga in this thrilling series of campaign expansions, Age of Apocalypse unfurls an epic tableau, bringing to life legendary X-Men champions. Among them are two new heroes ready to join the fray – the time-traveling Bishop and the mystical Magik, each armed with their own pre-constructed decks, primed for immediate action. Embark on a quest to thwart the malevolent forces of Apocalypse, the most daunting adversary the X-Men have ever faced. This expansion is a treasure trove of adventures, containing five novel scenarios, each a standalone challenge or a piece of a larger, more enthralling campaign.

To all who have journeyed long with the Marvel Champions or those who have just embarked on this heroic path – this is an adventure you dare not miss! Age of Apocalypse beckons, promising a saga of unparalleled excitement and heroism!

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