About Us

We’re Meeple Professionals. We are an independent board games store and events company. The founders, Rowan Sawyer and Will Weaver were tired of paying for four hour blocks of time at board game cafes. We missed the days where the board game shop was a community of people hanging out and getting to know each other. We wanted a space where folks could trying new things and get excited with other people who loved what they did. The real friendly local gaming store experience. New York City made creating that experience tough. With the high cost of rent and the general lack of profitability for most board game stores, board game stores were converting to having table fees and splitting focus on selling food and drinks. Those that were not were becoming crowded, focusing more on having stuff to sell then space to be in.

This all came to a head in 2022. The world was still reopening it’s doors from the pandemic and well… we needed to go out more. Bars, restaurants, and cafes were still hurting. The pandemic had shuttered many, but their busy times were still less then normal, which made their “dead time” even more painful. This is when we decided to fulfill a childhood dream of ours. We wanted to take over a restaurant, order a bunch of food and play games with people.

So that’s what we did. Since mid 2022 we have been hosting board game and card game events at venues around the city. We try to make the dead times more lively by packing it with people doing what they love. We play the games our community enjoys, not the games that are most profitable, and we work with our community to create events that are fun to be at. We do this by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with our venues who supply great food, drinks, and atmosphere. We are able to do this because of the dedicated community members who have supported us along the way. We hope you join our community and become part of the Meeple Professionals experience yourself. You can find us on this site or on our discord at https://meeple.pro/discord.


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