Keyforge Grim Reminders Archon Deck


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KeyForge: Grim Reminders is the seventh set for KeyForge, and what a set it is! Here are some of the exciting new elements you’ll find:

Introducing the new House Geistoid
More than 250 new cards from houses Geistoid, Brobnar, Ekwidon, Star Alliance, Mars, Untamed, and Unfathomable
New “Scrap” effects that trigger when a player discards a card from their hand during their turn
Players with more than 10 cards in their discard pile enter a “Haunted” state which may trigger beneficial and detrimental effects in their quest for Æmber
New “Discard” enhancement icon that, when tiggered, forces its player to discard a card of their choice from their hand
New rare “Revenants” are spectral heroes from the Crucible’s past, now serving Houses that none would expect.

Each deck comes is a unique Archon Deck, ready to play, composed of cards from the new Grim Reminders set.


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